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From the Vice President's Desk

Mrs. Nirmala Madaan

Education is a powerful agent for all round development of an individual through which social transformation is achieved. A balanced development of mind and body in harmony with the spirit, is the key to the enrichment of human personality and also the key to true education. Gandhiji had a similar view on education. "Unless the development of mind and body go hand in hand with the corresponding awakening of the soul, the former alone would prove to be a poor lopsided affair."

Therefore, our children, from their infancy must be taught the dignity of labour. Thus, the true meaning of education is harmonious development of head, heart and hand, i.e. enlightenment of mind, compassion and dignity of labour.

From the Chairman's Desk

Mr. Anil Madaan

   Jai Bharat !

The winds of globalization and socio technological advancements of 21st century is day by day providing threat to mankind by curtailing and amending the values and virtues that past gurus had imbibed in us. The aggressive rush for materialistic self-fulfillment and competitiveness is redefining our socio cultural ethics and undermining the true self of beings. Hence, at this critical juncture the need has arisen to negate the undesirable impacts of these changes and imbibe the desirable and expected virtues by providing the life oriented skills and value-oriented atmosphere. South Valley International School believes in rendering such education that will turn out every child in to a true Indian.

Our school works as mini society in itself. It works in a democratic manner so that we can develop democratic qualities in each child. We provide equal opportunities to each and every section of society belonging to different economical, social and cultural backgrounds. To conclude, what all I would like to say is that your child is a gift from GOD to you, now let us together make the child worthy & this will be our best return gift to GOD.

From the Principal's Desk

Ms. Sheetal Saraf

   Jai Bharat !

South Valley International School is one of the best schools of the world providing the students each and every ultra modern facility for the overall development of the personality. I firmly believe that teaching methods must be dynamic, challenging and in accordance with the learners comprehension and stages of development. The method of teaching here aims at linking learning with life.
I focus more on providing an encouraging atmosphere for study so that I can prevent education from becoming too bookish, mechanical, stereotyped and rigidly uniform that does not cater to different needs of the pupils with different aptitude and intelligence.
School also takes utmost care to keep intact the 'values and sanskars' given to us by our great heritage. As we believe that man without values and sanskar's is of no use. We train and nurture the students in such a way that they can arrive at the point of self realization and can understand their true self which is essential to become truthful, honest and loyal towards themselves and society.
The children at SVIS are groomed in such a manner that they can become a good and respectable human being in this world. Our students are perfect amalgamation of tradition and modernity.

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