South Valley International School
Inspiration makes us... fly high

Our Vision

The morals of modern education has reached at such a stage that we, as true citizens of the nation must be prepared to downsize every competition that our future is expected to face. We cannot hide ourselves from the wind of civilization and we cannot avoid ourselves from the future. The future of our society and nation is in the hands of these little boys and girls. We must encourage others and ourselves and gather our hands for shaping the future of these little babies of the nation. A person strongly upholding ethical and moral values, creative and critical thinker, understands the dignity of labour, cares for the creations of God, special concern for the downtrodden and always ready to sacrifice everything for the safety and prosperity of Mother India, is the "Teacher". The teacher is a mentor who also plays the role of a Pathfinder. Students must respect their teachers and vice versa. They are critical thinkers who have a lifelong intrinsic motivation for learning and are prepared to enter high quality educational institutions throughout the world. Most importantly, our community recognizes them as compassionate, ethical, and inspirational leaders.

Our Mission

South Valley International School devotes itself to educate the young minds to become master minds by:

1. Fostering strong belief in God and a sense of gratitude towards him.
2. Encouraging our students to aim higher and achieve his/her goals in the best possible way.
3. Igniting the fire of curiosity in young mind and inspiring them to scale greater heights of success as embodied in the school emblem. 4.We ensure an attractive, well resources and up to date educational facility. 5.Our learning environment fosters academic excellence & enhances student's personal development.

Our Advisory Board

South Valley International School is headed by the skilful expertise of our esteemed panel of board members and advisors to foster academic excellence in a progressive school environment. Mr. Anil Madaan the chairman of the school,
Mrs. Ravinder Kaur Kalsi (national Awardee for her excellent service as principal),
Mrs. Manju Vyas (President Awardee),
Mrs. Jayshree Tanwar (Principal Sagar Public School,Bhopal),
Mr. R.P. Naithani (Principal, S.B.S.S.S.,Indore) and
Mr. A.K. Chaturvedi (Principal, D.P.S., Nagpur) are the members of the advisory board.

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